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4D3N Bohol Summer Getaway


*Airfare Manila – Tagbilaran – Manila via Air Asia or equivalent with 7kg handcarry

*4D3N Hotel Accommodation in Dumaluan Beach Resort with daily breakfast

* Roundtrip airport to hotel transfers (8:00am-5:00pm)

* Bohol Countryside Tour + Mirror of the World w/ lunch: (8:00am pick-up time) includes local guide driver, entrance fees, lunch at Loboc River Cruise. Tour highlights: Tarsier Sanctuary, Bilar Manmade Forest, Chocolate Hills, Phyton Butterfly Habitat & Souvenir Shop, Mirror of the World

* Bohol Island Hopping : (6:00am pick-up time) Includes Entrance fees, environmental fee, boat fee, snorkeling gears, fish feeding guide & hotel pick-up/drop-off within Panglao & Tagbilaran area only – Tour Highlights: Dolphin watching, Balicasag Island, Virgin Island White Sand Bar


* Meals & Transportation other than the above statement.

* Tips for the Tour Guides.

* Phillippines Travel and Airport Tax (if any)

* Travel Insurance and RTPCR Test if required


Day 1: (Manila – Tagbilaran); meet by Tour Coordinator then Check-in to the Hotel at 2pm

Day 2: Bohol Countryside Tour + Mirror of the World (Whole Day)

Day 3:  Bohol Island Hopping (Whole Day)

Day 4:  Free  & Easy until Departure (Tagbilaran – Manila)

For inquiries of the costing/quotation please send me a message thanks

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Once Upon A Time.. The End.

Another CNY escape from the busy life in Singapore. I planned to go back to my country just to have a simple getaway to some of the beautiful tourist spots but I didn’t know that this trip will be a “memorable one”. And would turn my world up and down like a 360 degrees turn around.

My first time I went to Cebu to see the Magellan Cross and Sto. Nino de Cebu, I was excited because it’s another place that I wish and dream of when I’m studying Philippine history. But I didn’t explore this Island because we need to travel to Bohol the next day.
Having this kind of island hopping in our country is an adventure to make. Going to Bohol to meet my friend and his family and of course to visit the famous chocolate hills and other sightseeing places in this province. I am very lucky and thankful for them because they accompany me and tour me on their island. And they were the ones who support and comfort me.

Below pictures are in sequence of how my trip goes at that time. The blood compact site, Baclayon Church, The Tarsier and Philippine Eagle Sanctuary, the Loboc River Cruise where we ate our lunch, The manmade forest, chocolate hills, the cave, and the last is Panglao Beach. The island hopping in Panglao has been cut in my trip because of an unfortunate thing that happens in Quezon Province.

I receive the bad news that my father passed away when we were eating our breakfast in Panglao. But since I reached Cebu, I already text my father and informed him I’m having a weekend holiday because of Chinese New Year and will not touch Manila. I plan this because my parents will be going to Singapore in March. I never know that this will happen as I have constant communication with my father at that time. There was a premonition but of course, I am not aware back then that some strange thing will happen.

At exactly 7 am, I and my father exchange text messages checking each other how are we and greet a good morning. I keep on texting him, and with a long pause and only one reply, he told me that he is inside the church to celebrate mass. I replied and inform him that text me I will call back so that we can talk. I was mesmerized by the beauty of Panglao beach and I forget to check my phone. Around 11 am, I received a lot of texts came from my brother and told me the sad truth 😦

What is the premonition that happens to me at that time? Checking on my pictures in my DSLR camera, there is this sunrise from Cebu Port that I took, the sun rays formed a cross. And there is this strong wind while driving to chocolate hills, somewhere in Carmen area downhill, our vehicle experienced a strong wind that the driver would have hard to control the steering wheel, and luckily nobody hurts. We reached the Chocolate Hills safe and sound but the view has dull and dark clouds.

This trip should end a happy one but things went till the end. The end of life of my father. I had an opportunity to talked to him even in his last hour of his life. Regretting that I have not said how much I love him. And never show him where I stay and work in Singapore. He processed his passport and collected it a week before. And the purpose is not to travel to Singapore but it’s his passport to heaven.

10 years passed by, still miss you my bumblebee.


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Escaping to an Industrial Scenery

I have been in Singapore for how many years. Whenever I miss my hometown, we go to Batam, Indonesia, to escape from an Industrial Scenery where I work before.

We travel for around 45 minutes by ferry to breathe out. One CNY holiday, we went to Batam for a food trip because it’s cheaper than in Singapore. And below pictures are some of the memories that I treasure.

And I have a lot of adventure in Batam and will try to share it all with you. This only one trip I made there.

BEST BUY / SOUVENIR TO GET – its JCO donuts (cheaper in Batam, you can buy 2 boxes for the cost of 1 box in Singapore) and fish cracker ball

BEST LOCAL FOOD TO EAT – Bakso (beef noodles) and Gong gong La la (seafood shell), their food are too spicy so you should ask a little bit if you do not want too hot

BEST WAY OF TRANSPORTATION – ferry from Singapore and taxi within Batam

BEST WAY TO SHOP – Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall,

BEST LOCAL TOUR DESTINATIONS – Spa Centre at Nagoya Hill and seafood resto at Batam Centre


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Magic Hours

In a day and within 24-hour there are two magic hours. Waking up early to see the sunrise that gives light and hope for a better day. And tiring day but worthwhile waiting to chase the sunset that tells us to slow down and have a break for a while.

The magic view of this shows good things will come for the day. After long day, doing some daily routine, waking-up, fixing ourselves, rushing for work, eating our meals, catching up with family and friends, going home and sleeping is what makes our day magical.

Thinking about what happened for the day, planning and praying for tomorrow to be a better one than yesterday.

The beauty of nature and how God paints the sky every day, but in a different way, is like how He gives purpose in our life.

These magic hours are taken with the same spot on different days. I am amazed at how beautiful the sky is every day.


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Sikhayan Festival, How fun is this?

As we all know that one of Philippines tradition is celebrating feast, festival or fiesta in every provinces or villages. This is in respect for the Parish Saint or to admire the hometown people and it’s part of the tourism of the place.

Sikhayan Festival or Sikap Kabuhayan celebrates every 18th of January in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Being “masikap” (hardworking) is a character of people in that place. And this festival symbolizes a better future for their hardwork and discipline. It gives hope to them specially in this time of pandemic. Their town is a progressive in terms of economy, where most of the business industry are located there and tourism, where one of the nearest theme park in Manila located.

Let’s join together to check on how fun is their festival to their online celebration that we can see on the link below.

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Sinulog 2020 before the Lockdown start

As I grew-up in Tondo, Manila and in 28 years of my life I only experience the Sto. Nino Festival or Fiesta in Tondo and Pandacan. Being in a Sinulog Festival in Cebu is a dream come true for me. My family and together with my best friends experience this once in a lifetime activity of the Saint we adored.

We still blessed to experience the joy of this festival. We witnessed on how you would feel the happiness while watching the parade or procession even you were perspiring to squeeze in a lot of crowds. Many celebrities join the Sinulog parade to promote their upcoming movies or tv programs and this is your chance to be a big fan girl/boy. You can join the street parties too while watching the Grand Street Parade, just dance wherever you are with the beat of Sinulog song or parade song besides nobody will know who you are. Enjoy while it lasts 🙂 The only tip I can give if you will attend this kind of celebration is bring some food and drinks in your bag as most of the restaurant were full. But do not forget to enjoy the food in Cebu like lechon. You can watch the fireworks at night or have some hennah tattoo. And wear your comfortable dress and shoes. I am hoping that after this pandemic of Covid19, we still experience this kind of tradition in our country. Next in my bucket list is the Ati-atihan and Dinagyang Festival.

You already in a province with beautiful tourist spot and beaches therefore after you join the Sinulog you can also enjoy their beaches and have sightseeing.

Some of us are wondering how this festival started in Cebu and why it is quite famous in our country. It’s a part of Philippine history when Spain first colonize our country. And of course because of tourism and religion purpose.

This minor Basilica of the Holy Child of Cebu was founded 456 years ago by Father Andres de Urdaneta and Father Diego de Herrera. It is the oldest Roman Catholic Church in the country. It was built because they found the image of Santo Nino de Cebu during the expedition of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi in that place where the church located. This image is the same one given by the famous world explorer Ferdinand Magellan to Rajah Humabon upon the birth of Christianity in the country and christening of his family on April 24, 1521.

When the holy image was handed over to Queen Juana, the wife of Rajah Humabon, it was said that she danced with joy holding this image of the Child Jesus. Then the other locals of Cebu followed her example and this event was the first Sinulog dance. And the dance step of Sinulog was choreographed by Baladhay, Rajah Humabon’s adviser. He was dancing the movements of the river that’s why there is a two-steps forward and one-step backward. And they are shouting while dancing because they were tickling by baby Jesus.

Sinulog comes from Cebuano word “SULOG’ means like water current movement or river movement.

Below are some of the pictures I took from the Grand Street Parade of Sinulog Festival last year.

For this Year 2021, the Cebu City government and the Basilica Minore Del Sto. Niño De Cebu encourage everyone to attend mass and novena virtually or online. And expecting the devotees to cooperate and have some discipline to prevent the spread of the virus.

Some of the links that will help us to know and join the Virtual Sinulog Novena, Mass and Festival are below for your reference.

And to those who will miss the noise, sounds, songs, colorful props, costume and dress of the people who join the Sinulog parade, here is the video I saw in youtube. All credits are to the rightful owner of this video / pictures.

Viva Pit Senior Sto. Nino!!!