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Bring Me To Life

The wind blows slowly
Somebody needs it badly,
And everyone is praying
Bring Me To Life

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Coffee Break

It's almost months, that I never count 
the days we never see or talk to each other
I miss our coffee break talk
or our beer bottles cheers.
But since that long days and time
You already decided what is better for you
Who am I to tell and disregard it
As long as you can say that you are happy
And I can see that it is true
I will let the coffee be cold
And that coffee break as it be.

P.S: Iā€™m inserting this cover music created by my friend. This is just for entertainment purpose only and no copyright infringement intended.
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Day Off

A busy week
Makes me weak
From household chores
And work related issues
Eyes will open in the morning
Just to fix and time is running
Eat a while and get back again
Somehow you can feel the pain
Burned out and tired
Just pause for a while
But look forward to
For a day off or two
Recharge and be inspired
And live a life.

(this poem is dedicated to and requested from JM)

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A Bamboo House

A relaxing place
If you want some space
To think and reflect
Enjoy the sun rays
And the moon light
A house made of bamboo
In the middle of the street
Is really refreshing
With natural air
that you can breathe
And hug the breeze.

(a topic dedicated to and requested from RB)
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I am just waiting
For the magic hour
To take one last shot
For a perfect photograph
But time really so fast
I didn't realise its already in dusk.

(a topic I dedicated to and requested from AA)