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5 Lessons Learned in Watching My Amanda

  1. Having an opposite sex best friend is great. You can have an idea to balance the situation in life. (me tagapagtanggol ika nga at me magsasabi sayo ng totoo kahit masakit tanggapin)
  2. A best friend that you can count on and be with you everytime is really to be keep and treasure. (sila yung tipo na mas priority ka, kesa sa partner nila o dahil family ang turingan nyo sa isa’t isa)
  3. Not all constant partners should be a couple in a romantic relationship , they can be in a platonic relationship. (kahit inadmire mo at mahal mo yung tao nilalagyan mo ng boundary dahil ayaw mo masira ang samahan nyo)
  4. Having this kind of relationships with no pretensions. You can be yourself and do not hide anything. They can understand your actions even you dont talk. (magkatinginan lang sa mata, alam nyo na ang nasa sa loob ng isa’t isa)
  5. You should express how you feel before its too late. (sabihin mo mahal mo sya ng walang hinihintay na kapalit, bago mahuli ang lahat o magkalayo man kayo)
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10 Lessons to be Learned in Watching “Third is My First”

This movie is about closure in a relationship. If parting ways with your partner, feels like you are floating in limbo and you didn’t know what’s wrong and what happen, there’s a possibility that you are hoping with that kind of memory and still holding the past. But you should let it go. You can watch this again at netflix.

  1. Being sentimental person is ok but not to the point that you are holding the past like it’s your present but you’ll never realise that it’s not your future.
  2. A person is busy in his / her lifestyle, working and caring with the people surrounds them but deep inside, he / she still longing with something in the past that cannot move on.
  3. Life gets boring if you have routinary things everyday and you will used to it. But it will spice up with your partner to reminisce the happy moments and flare up the flame of love.
  4. It’s not true that if you love somebody and you broke up, you will no longer have feelings with that person. You still care though it’s not that kind of care like before when both of you are in that relationship.
  5. If you really love your spouse you are ready on how heavy the cross you will carry for a lifetime.
  6. There is no perfect relationship. Do not find your happiness with others. Open your mind because someone beside you really wants you, to make you happy.
  7. Sometimes two person are together because they really love each other. Sometimes they are together because they do not have choice and also they are in good terms for each other, as they need each other.
  8. Even you ask yourself many times, if you are happy on the person you have in your side. It will not be enough unless you will act and respond to take good care with each other. A love to a person is like a love to a plant, you need to give sunshine and water everyday. But do not give in 100% of your love to him/her, save some for yourself.
  9. Having an understanding partner is really a blessing and considerate of your happiness, because if you are happy he / she will be happy too.
  10. You will choose and weigh between, when things don’t work out, must be separate and have to move on. And if an old thing that still useful and you know that you can fix and believe that it will re-run again, you must have patience and determination to do it. We can associate this to marriage, if you want it to be last and stick to your wedding vows, do not give up easily, try to fix it and hold on to it. Believe that love and respect will conquer it all.

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5 Lessons to be learned in watching “Tayo sa Huling Buwan ng Taon” (Us at the End of the Year)

  1. When you love someone, you will give-in and will make sacrifices just to be with him/her in your life.

2. Love will bind and make you happy on each other arms.

3. Even when years and time pass by, the love you give before still be the same love that you will feel when you see each other again but less affection.

4. If love ends, there should be a closure rather than it hangs around and you will have some regrets.

5. Accept it that the person you loved is just a history in your life and a part of who you are today.

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5 Lessons to be learned in watching “Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa” (The Story of Us that Never Was)

  1. Being inspired to a person you admire is a good thing as long as it will help you grow personally.

2. It’s hard to enter a relationship that you have a lot of wishful thinking specially if it’s not known that you are into it.

3. You should not be the third party to any relationship even you realize that you are comfortable with each other.

4. Get back to your life and let go if the situation doesn’t fit you at all.

5. Letting go in a respectful and kind way even you know in yourself that it’s really not the end.

you can watch this in iflix

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5 Lessons to be learned in watching “Time and Again”

  1. Life is short. Do whatever makes you happy.
  2. If you know that there is something wrong tell it directly to the person rather than keep it on your own and having regrets.
  3. Time is precious spend it wisely to those people you love before its too late.
  4. Time really matters in love and society.
  5. In life there is always a second chances but accept the fact that we cannot reverse the time.

(you can watch this in Netflix)

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15 Lessons to be learned in watching “Heneral Rizal”

Heneral Paciano Rizal is the elder brother of our national hero, Jose Rizal.

If you focus watching this film (i tried to binge this five times), i recommend to mash-up with a background music of “Di Mo Ba Naririnig?” tagalog version of “Do You Hear the People Sing?” a song in the movie of Les Miserables. It will release your patriotic heart.

  1. It states the historical fact that Spain sold Philippines to USA for USD20M and USD7M received by catholic corporation. (Kahit nung unang panahon pera pera lang ang usapan)
  2. History repeat itself. The foreigners who confiscated the lands from the natives becomes richer. Today, those oligarch who tries to monopolize the Philippine economy will become richer and the government do not care if those are their friends. (Mabait akong kaibigan, masama akong kaaway)
  3. While the farmers affected keep poorer and slave on their own land. Our farmers cultivate the land with their blood, sweat and tears so that everyone will have food on their table. But until now they do not have their farmland. (At ang Pilipino ngayon ay alipin pa rin ng dayuhan sa sariling bayan)
  4. General Rizal who witnessed the whole history and story in Spanish and American Regime. He also witnessed the epidemic of Cholera. (Na ngayon ay nararanasan naman natin ang epidemya ng Covid19 at tila walang pagkakaiba ang nangyayari nuon sa ngayon sa ating Pamahalaan)
  5. General Rizal have a lot of questions to his brother, Jose Rizal. He has a lot of time to escape. If he only lives longer. he will be a great help to the Philippines. He will have a lot of contributions in literature, medicines, education etc. (Kung nabuhay ba ng matagal ang ating National Hero, parehas pa rin ba kaya ang buhay natin ngayon..)
  6. Paciano keeps thinking the point why Filipinos always fail in fighting their rights? Why there has a failure of the revolution and advocacy. Who can understand this? Will you understand why? Will Pepe (Jose Rizal) can explain what is happening now? (Hindi ba sa kadahilanan na me ganid at pansariling interest lamang ang isinaalang-alang at hindi lahat ng Pilipino ay nagbubuklod sa iisang mabuting hangarin)
  7. Why talented, educated and intelligent Filipino leaders / followers give importance for the colonizer? When Pepe is in Europe they do not experience how hard life is, if they try to evacuate you on your own land in Calamba Laguna because they cannot pay the rent (or loan) that keep on increasing. (At bakit sa ngayon ang mga OFW ay ganun din ang paniniwala? Sa kadahilanang hindi nila naiintindihan ang nangyayari sa bansa sapagkat hindi nila ito nararanasan, bagkos nagbabasa lamang sila sa mga nakikita sa social media)
  8. Who cares if they see us as indio’s? Did they have right to enslave us? (O nga naman, ano ang karapatan nila para tayo ay maliitin at alilain, dahil ba malaki ang pagkakautang ng ating bansa sa kanila?)
  9. The point he is trying to tell to us, there are real heroes that will slapped the truth and will prevail. (Sa katotohanan ay dapat me magbayad sa pagkukulang)
  10. God doesn’t command the person to control and destroy one another. (Pero bakit ngayon ganun pa rin, sa halip na magtulungan para mairaos ang pandemya at problema, ay nag-aaway away at nagkakanya kanya.)
  11. There is no law or reason that allow a person to amass another man’s wealth. (Huwag nyo pagnasaan ang hindi ninyo pinaghirapan at pag – aari)
  12. We are the landowners of our country and have the right to reclaim our land. (Pagyamanin natin ang sariling lupa at huwag sanang ibenta sa banyaga)
  13. Do not forget Filipino heroes and to those heroes who gravely destroyed by those fellowman pretending heroes. (Kahit ngayon me traydor sa kapwa Pilipino)
  14. What’s the result of Pepe’s martyrdom? They glorify him, by putting his face in the bills, books, statue etc. Will they give importance with his teaching or they will ignore it today? (Gusto mo yon, ilalagay ang mukha mo sa pera o sa card, magpakabayani ka lang ngayon)
  15. There will be no Jose Rizal if there is no brother like General Paciano Rizal. (Walang kalayaan, kung hindi magtutulungan ang magkakapatid at kapwa Pilipino lalo na sa panahon ng pandemyang ito)

Salute to the medical frontliners as you are the new heroes nowadays.

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