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A wanderer and wonderer

I am a wanderer and wonderer.

Most of my friends, said i’m a good listener and a person of few words if i’m in a serious mode. And they told me that they can lean on me, in times of troubles. I am really willing to share and lend my shoulder to those who wants to cry and to hug for comfort.

Meeting people in all walks of life when stepping out of our house is a great day for me. I’ve been to the beautiful and slum areas in different countries. It makes my thoughts be meaningful when you have small or long conversations to strangers, to friends, co-workers and relatives. And with this, I try to associate and understand the circumstances of ifs and why’s. Being observant and digging ideas to their history, cultures and environment will make a clearer and positive thoughts.

Sending positive vibes in your negatives thoughts, hugs and love from me.

Hang On and Smile 🙂