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A Letter to the First Time Voter

I am writing this, for my nephews, nieces, godchildren, and grandchildren, especially those students who are emotionally affected by the results of the current election.

I can say that your generation is more vocal (or more bashers) than ours. I observe how you react, comment, post, and re-post on your Social Media accounts. And I am quite worried, maybe this is how my father felt when I started to exercise my right to vote. Because he knows that teenagers have the characteristics of being aggressive and adventurous.

Way back year 1998, I was in 3rd-year college and I am also like you, excited to do the right thing. The election day is always the second Monday of May as stated in our Constitution. And normally, it’s summertime or school break, so I choose to register in our province and join the PPCRV (Parish Pastoral Council For Responsible Voting) to be a watcher. And it’s a national election with a President to vote and a lot of candidates/nominees such as (President) Joseph Estrada, Jose de Venecia, Raul Roco, Lito Osmena, Alfredo Lim, Renato de Villa, Mirriam Defensor Santiago, Juan Ponce Enrile, Santiago Dumlao, and Manuel Morato. So many political people really want to serve and be a leader of our country, it’s almost the same in the current election.

I accompanied my Auntie to line-up in Elementary School where our names has been listed. I took the sample ballot given by the people at the entrance of the school but we had our own list of candidates to vote for. Same as today, we wait for how many hours under the bright sun till our time to enter the respective precinct room to vote.

At 4pm we assemble in the church to check our designated area and timing to start to observe or watch the counting of votes where the teachers are doing it manually. Unlike today there are machines that will do it for them and consolidate. It took us overnight and that experience has a lot of realization for me as a teenager. To be responsible, not only for my vote but to watch and observe the environment in which I exist.

Everyone keeps on waiting for the result based on the people, friend, and neighbor together the other media like television and radio for the national candidates. Now, we can access it on Social Media and everybody within your friend list/friends can comment or discuss it over your timeline. Back then, we can discuss it with those who are watching tv with me, mostly my family or friends only. No violent reactions or unfollow or unfriend is happening, if we have a disagreement or opposite votes, we just tease and smile afterward. But now, it’s a big deal if someone bashes you or comments if you are in opposition and you really feel bad about it.

My father always told me, that if I will do any decision, I need to set aside my emotion. I need to think twice or thrice not to respond based on my emotion, especially on political topics. Yes, most activists people will open your emotion by way of provoking words so that you really feel how the world / or your environment is happening. Teenagers are like that, quite aggressive and uncontrollable sometimes, so we need to learn how to control our emotions and respond accordingly.

My mother is the one who sits down as a teacher and is in charge of one of the precincts or barangay in Tondo. I know the sacrifices they made every election day. She always told me not to be affected by the results, just be proud because I do the right thing. And it’s not the end of the world, just continue what you are doing. Maybe because she was a History Teacher and she knows that no matter what regime the Philippines will have, it really repeats its history but in a different scenario and people.

Hey kiddo, you are right, you need to express yourself and voice out. But remember in everything we do there are consequences and limitations even if we have a democracy or freedom of speech. Therefore do not be like an onionskin, accept others’ opinions and respect them. Do not be aggressive, set aside your emotion and think radically.

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Touch Me Not

I remember the famous novel of Jose Rizal, Noli Me Tangere. In high school, we studied that it’s all about the cancer of society, which is the most powerful person in the land have the advantage to do what he wants and the Indios trying to lift up their lifestyle, but still an Indio for the eyes of an Aristocrat.

I’m wondering what’s the cure for it. A lot of politicians still doing the same things in different persona and ways. And still unknown causes that make it exist in our society.

And I just realize, that kind of sickness is really hard to detect the causes, and it will surprise the people, environment & the society itself. Seeking for cure is really a great sacrifice for all and a miracle from the above. Why most ignorant people are the victim?

The victim per se will shout “touch me not.” By undergoing the pain, made by the illness as well as the pain from the treatment. It really feels irritated if somebody wants to ‘touch’ him, but what he really wanted is the ‘healing touch’ from the one that loves him.

This is not in what generation we are in. We all know that we don’t deserve this kind of pain & treatment. We can’t blame the factors creating it, even if it’s like a norm for the others. We only need to act, to move, and to be stronger to resist the bad system of society as well as the system of our body. Because not all that has been ‘used to’ is normal, as long as we know what is right and believe and have faith in our capabilities.

So ‘touch me not!’

(Disclaimer: Originally Published on my Facebook account last 27th January 2012, exactly 10years ago)

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Beauty Pageant a Platform for Self-Confidence and Social Responsibility.

The Philippines are known as one of the countries creating Beauty Queens. As we all know that Filipina has a Queen Quality, we have brains, beauty, and talents.

We mold our girls to be good models and fine ladies. And two popular beauty camps can train them. They are Aces & Queens and Kagandahang Flores. And there we call a BIG FOUR National Beauty Pageant in the Philippines that they can compete, Binibining Pilipinas, Miss Universe Philippines, Miss World Philippines, and Miss Philippines Earth.

When I was living in Singapore, one colleague asked me how come you Filipinos are fascinated with this Beauty Contest. Well here are the reasons why:

  1. This is the time that we can boost our self-confidence and be trained to be prim and proper.
  2. This is the time also that we can practice our brain for the Q&A portion and think a lot of possible questions that may ask in contest proper.
  3. This is the time also that we can show to the world rather the universe 🙂 our talent and skills, as we all know Filipinos are good singers, musicians, and artists.
  4. This is the time to mindset and actively practice the “Social Responsibility” for our nation. To be charitable in heart and mind.
  5. This is also a stepping stone for a career in show business, journalism and broadcasting, and others.

Now, I am encouraging you to support and vote for my cousin, Sam Frank, she is competing for the Miss Phillippines USA on Nov 19 at Pasadena Hilton in California USA. Here are the links that you can like and share:

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‘GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS’ Stephen Curry Makes Emphatic MVP Case by Prince Simon

The Golden State Warriors faced a stiff test in the Atlanta Hawks during the NBA’s Monday night slate.

They trailed by as many as 15 points in the first half, but it was a lead Atlanta would not have for long as Stephen Curry went nuclear, breaking out of what had been a bit of shooting slump to begin the season. Curry scored 50, putting on a show against Trae Young, whom many believe is the next in line to take over the mantle as best long-range shooter in the NBA.

It was a masterful performance by Curry, as he made 50 percent of his shots overall and 9-of-19 from the 3-point line. The rest of his stat line was stuffed as well, as he pulled down seven rebounds, handed out 10 assists, swiped three steals, and even added one block in 35 minutes of play. Curry got rolling from the start, going on a 10-0 run by himself, and carried that momentum throughout the game.

The fans at Chase Center chanted ‘MVP’ throughout the night, as Curry looks well on his way to competing for the award again this season Head coach Steve Kerr was in awe of the performance. “That was just a stunning performance by Steph,” coach Steve Kerr said.”… With his performance against the Hawks, Curry became the oldest player in NBA history at 33-years old to record a 50-10 game. The previous record was held by Wilt Chamberlain, who did it at 31-years old. It was also the 10th time in his career that Curry broke the 50-point mark, and he was the third Warrior to have a 50-point, 10-assist game, joining the aforementioned Chamberlain and Rick Barry.

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FB, IG and YT how long will you last?


If Fb will change his name according to the Verge..

Will IG follows?

Will WhatsApp follows?

Will YT follows?

Before Friendster is ok to re-connect with your long lost friends and families, upload your ‘digital picture’ so that your friends/families can see how you look like in present times. They can also chat there.  Simple means of communications and according to my classmates before, ask Jasmin she’s the ‘yellow page’ of the batch (human directory 😂).. Well thanks to Friendster, Yahoo Messenger and

Until, Social Media revolves and Friendster can’t sustain the fast phase of digital technologies.

Here we go now, the evolution of Facebook, they incorporated trending games like Farmville and Farmtown, added a marketing tool and FB page to become a platform for business to reach out their target markets.

And they want to be the best in digital platforms, they acquired Instagram (platform to edit our pictures according to what we want to reflect to others), acquired WhatsApp (to cater the business communication easily and link with their FB page) and Youtube as popularised by the Influencers.

Now, I am thinking, should I save and transfer my photos from FB, IG, YTC to a TB harddisk? (learning lesson from my long lost pictures in my friendster 🤣)

Should I choose the most important memories and have it print and put in a physical album again or create a photobook?

To make it graphical, in everything when we reach the peak, its time to slowdown.  And there will be another platform trying to reach that peak.

Ika nga di ba, pana panahon lang yan! Just don’t forget the lesson they teach us.