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Being a certified nomad with experience in traveling since my college days.   I decided to put up my own business as a tour coordinator and I gained the skills and knowledge in arranging travels and tours from my working experiences as Finance & Admin Coordinator and as Events Organizer.

When I was still working in Singapore, I started in the year 2015 as JRFL Travel and Tour being in an online service catering to those tour packages which I’ve been to.  Then, it evolves as Jazgot Tour Services today to cater not only to individuals but also to group packages for families and companies who are planning to have an out-of-town traveling or reunion.

Jazgot Tour Services offers products and services related to travel, tours, and destination management in inbound, outbound, and ticketing within the Philippines and other countries.

The products and services that we offer are complete tour packages in your dream destinations, simple staycations or getaways, business, and leisure to your company events such as conventions, team buildings, training, and seminars.

Let’s have a break from our busy schedule, and unwind once in a while enjoy life and recharge!

Mission & Vision Statement

To provide quality services in the tourism industry for our clients and co-tour operators/companies.

 For our clients, to enjoy the beauty of nature, understand the history of the place as well as the relaxation that they want to achieve, relieve their stress/anxiety and take a moment for a lifetime to remember their dream destinations.

For our co-tour operators/companies, to share one goal to uplift the tourism industry of our country and other countries.  And to help the economy as this is a way to be a shock-proof in an economic recession.

Core Values

Jazgot Tour Services value CHASE, as we believe that we always pursue something better!

Commitment to Customers – We believe in commitment to give our best.

Honesty – We believe to be honest not only in ourselves but to others to create a harmonious environment.

Appreciate the Journey – We believe to appreciate even the little things in our journey as we always set one foot forward.

Simplicity – We believe in simple dreams or lifestyles will create a big impact in our life.

Equality – We believe to treat everyone with respect and with the same good manners.

offers the ff:

  • air tickets
  • accommodations
  • tour packages (domestic and international)
  • land arrangements
  • company events
  • family gatherings
  • teambuilding
  • passport assistance
  • visa assistance

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