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Touch Me Not

I remember the famous novel of Jose Rizal, Noli Me Tangere. In high school, we studied that it’s all about the cancer of society, which is the most powerful person in the land have the advantage to do what he wants and the Indios trying to lift up their lifestyle, but still an Indio for the eyes of an Aristocrat.

I’m wondering what’s the cure for it. A lot of politicians still doing the same things in different persona and ways. And still unknown causes that make it exist in our society.

And I just realize, that kind of sickness is really hard to detect the causes, and it will surprise the people, environment & the society itself. Seeking for cure is really a great sacrifice for all and a miracle from the above. Why most ignorant people are the victim?

The victim per se will shout “touch me not.” By undergoing the pain, made by the illness as well as the pain from the treatment. It really feels irritated if somebody wants to ‘touch’ him, but what he really wanted is the ‘healing touch’ from the one that loves him.

This is not in what generation we are in. We all know that we don’t deserve this kind of pain & treatment. We can’t blame the factors creating it, even if it’s like a norm for the others. We only need to act, to move, and to be stronger to resist the bad system of society as well as the system of our body. Because not all that has been ‘used to’ is normal, as long as we know what is right and believe and have faith in our capabilities.

So ‘touch me not!’

(Disclaimer: Originally Published on my Facebook account last 27th January 2012, exactly 10years ago)



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