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Beauty Pageant a Platform for Self-Confidence and Social Responsibility.

The Philippines are known as one of the countries creating Beauty Queens. As we all know that Filipina has a Queen Quality, we have brains, beauty, and talents.

We mold our girls to be good models and fine ladies. And two popular beauty camps can train them. They are Aces & Queens and Kagandahang Flores. And there we call a BIG FOUR National Beauty Pageant in the Philippines that they can compete, Binibining Pilipinas, Miss Universe Philippines, Miss World Philippines, and Miss Philippines Earth.

When I was living in Singapore, one colleague asked me how come you Filipinos are fascinated with this Beauty Contest. Well here are the reasons why:

  1. This is the time that we can boost our self-confidence and be trained to be prim and proper.
  2. This is the time also that we can practice our brain for the Q&A portion and think a lot of possible questions that may ask in contest proper.
  3. This is the time also that we can show to the world rather the universe 🙂 our talent and skills, as we all know Filipinos are good singers, musicians, and artists.
  4. This is the time to mindset and actively practice the “Social Responsibility” for our nation. To be charitable in heart and mind.
  5. This is also a stepping stone for a career in show business, journalism and broadcasting, and others.

Now, I am encouraging you to support and vote for my cousin, Sam Frank, she is competing for the Miss Phillippines USA on Nov 19 at Pasadena Hilton in California USA. Here are the links that you can like and share:


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