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FB, IG and YT how long will you last?


If Fb will change his name according to the Verge..

Will IG follows?

Will WhatsApp follows?

Will YT follows?

Before Friendster is ok to re-connect with your long lost friends and families, upload your ‘digital picture’ so that your friends/families can see how you look like in present times. They can also chat there.  Simple means of communications and according to my classmates before, ask Jasmin she’s the ‘yellow page’ of the batch (human directory 😂).. Well thanks to Friendster, Yahoo Messenger and

Until, Social Media revolves and Friendster can’t sustain the fast phase of digital technologies.

Here we go now, the evolution of Facebook, they incorporated trending games like Farmville and Farmtown, added a marketing tool and FB page to become a platform for business to reach out their target markets.

And they want to be the best in digital platforms, they acquired Instagram (platform to edit our pictures according to what we want to reflect to others), acquired WhatsApp (to cater the business communication easily and link with their FB page) and Youtube as popularised by the Influencers.

Now, I am thinking, should I save and transfer my photos from FB, IG, YTC to a TB harddisk? (learning lesson from my long lost pictures in my friendster 🤣)

Should I choose the most important memories and have it print and put in a physical album again or create a photobook?

To make it graphical, in everything when we reach the peak, its time to slowdown.  And there will be another platform trying to reach that peak.

Ika nga di ba, pana panahon lang yan! Just don’t forget the lesson they teach us.


a simple person, who loves to eat, travel and compose some poems or write-ups.

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