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Escaping to an Industrial Scenery

I have been in Singapore for how many years. Whenever I miss my hometown, we go to Batam, Indonesia, to escape from an Industrial Scenery where I work before.

We travel for around 45 minutes by ferry to breathe out. One CNY holiday, we went to Batam for a food trip because it’s cheaper than in Singapore. And below pictures are some of the memories that I treasure.

And I have a lot of adventure in Batam and will try to share it all with you. This only one trip I made there.

BEST BUY / SOUVENIR TO GET – its JCO donuts (cheaper in Batam, you can buy 2 boxes for the cost of 1 box in Singapore) and fish cracker ball

BEST LOCAL FOOD TO EAT – Bakso (beef noodles) and Gong gong La la (seafood shell), their food are too spicy so you should ask a little bit if you do not want too hot

BEST WAY OF TRANSPORTATION – ferry from Singapore and taxi within Batam

BEST WAY TO SHOP – Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall,

BEST LOCAL TOUR DESTINATIONS – Spa Centre at Nagoya Hill and seafood resto at Batam Centre



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