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Magic Hours

In a day and within 24-hour there are two magic hours. Waking up early to see the sunrise that gives light and hope for a better day. And tiring day but worthwhile waiting to chase the sunset that tells us to slow down and have a break for a while.

The magic view of this shows good things will come for the day. After long day, doing some daily routine, waking-up, fixing ourselves, rushing for work, eating our meals, catching up with family and friends, going home and sleeping is what makes our day magical.

Thinking about what happened for the day, planning and praying for tomorrow to be a better one than yesterday.

The beauty of nature and how God paints the sky every day, but in a different way, is like how He gives purpose in our life.

These magic hours are taken with the same spot on different days. I am amazed at how beautiful the sky is every day.



a simple person, who loves to eat, travel and compose some poems or write-ups.

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