Borawan Island – a secret island in Quezon Province

Borawan Island is located at Padre Burgos, Quezon. It’s less than 30 minutes from our hometown in Agdangan, Quezon. And almost 5 hours away from Manila.

From the entry point at Padre Burgos, you can go for an island hopping in an hour at Borawan and Dampalitan Island. They named this island as Borawan with a combination of Boracay and Palawan, as they compared the color of the sand and the cliff that almost the same with this two tourist spots in the Philippines.

If you want to relax and want to try an island hopping that is nearby Manila, you can try this. I really love this trip. You can have a way to relax, swim and take beautiful photos with this nature.

And if you want to stay for a while or an overnight, you can try to check some of the resorts in a nearby towns of Agdangan and Unisan.

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