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Langkawi Malaysia, Island of Reddish Brown Eagle

One summertime, I tried to check the promo fare from Airaisa, I saw Langkawi as one “swak sa budget gala” (within my travel budget). So I activated my “Dora Feet” and packed my things. It’s only one and half hours by plane from Singapore to Langkawi.

I reached their airport, booked a grab going to my backpacker hostel at Bed Attitude Guest House ( and checked-in. I met an Italian tourist who is working in Phuket and having a holiday too in Langkawi. She gave me the idea on how to roam within the island. She informed me that our hostel is just nearby the port, where my island hopping tour pick-up point location. She also accompanied me where is the cheapest food or restaurant that we can eat and also the nearest 7-11 to buy some bottled water and biscuits.

Though I see a lot of the same nature like this but I can differentiate Langkawi because they can take care and preserve those Reddish Brown Eagle in the forest while serving their tourist to still see them flying above the boats. Only in Langkawi, I saw a lot of eagles flying as I normally see eagles inside the cage at the zoo. They have also white sands and bluish water that you can swim. What I love most when i’m at the beach is walking barefoot and drinking fresh coconut.

Again, this is one of my over the weekend getaway.

BEST BUY / SOUVENIR TO GET – i bought an eagle fridge magnet and round fish cracker (taste like kropek)

BEST LOCAL FOOD TO EAT – the hostel served some of the dumplings (suman), i just tried fried rice (yang chow rice)


BEST WAY TO SHOP – at the end of the island tour there is a souvenir shop that you can buy things such as fridge magnet, t-shirts, fans, malaysian snacks and delicacy



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