5 Lessons to be learned in watching “Basurero”

  1. Real talk, being a fisherman, you will not have a lot of fishes to catch everyday and most of the days are not enough for a living. Not only for fisherman as well as normal employees and other jobs or services in our country.
  2. You will dream and try whatever things that will have an extra income to have a better life for your family. Even to throw out the garbage and trash of others.
  3. Sometimes it’s a norm that your neighbor has been murdered if he / she is an alleged drug addict or drug pusher. They are trash in our society.
  4. Your religion and your God is your always hope to change your life for a better.
  5. Real talk, there is still people or companies who have an opportunity to take advantage on your situation. They do not care as long as they will gain from you.

In support for local artists and local films, I am recommending to view some of their crafts and masterpiece at Cinemalaya 2020 ( cinemalaya.org ) It’s a pay-per-view but it’s really worth it to watch nowadays. Relax, stay safe and enjoy viewing.

Steps in availing the Cinemalaya 2020 Bundles and Packages:
a. Please go to cinemalaya.org/tickets/
b. Choose your preferred tickets BASIC for P150, STANDARD for P200 and Premium for P350 or for the main competition P75 each films.
c. They are using vimeo for the pay per view, you need to create an account to log-in
d. Pay through your debit or credit card or paypal account

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