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Travelling alone.. in an Island

They said, once in your life you should try to travel alone.  But mine, because of boredom. I tried to browse and find another promo fare from Zest Air way back year 2012.  Yes, I’m good in looking for a cheap flights and tours.   After I successfully booked this Boracay Trip, I realized that I should join my mother and siblings but unfortunately the promo seats are all sold-out.

So, I should move-on… be brave enough to travel alone.. besides its my second time to be there.  Since year 2007 from the Teambuilding of my ex-Company in Philippines. Till Year 2012, there’s a lot of difference, more bar’s at the shore, more sports activities and more tourists.   

Boracay is really a nice and beautiful island that you can go every time you want to see a paradise.

BEST BUY / SOUVENIR – I bought a 1-set of pearl jewelries (earrings, necklace & ring) at Php750 only.

BEST LOCAL FOOD TO EAT – batchoy, just to eat the authentic pork noodle soup there.  I tried it with DECO’S.   And while watching the fire dancer at night, you can choose the buffet restaurant/hotels along the shores and some they have also live bands.

BEST WAY OF TRANSPORTATION – within the Islands, you can go with a tricycle or just walk barefoot with the sands from station 1 to station 3.

BEST WAY TO SHOP – at Station 2, D’Mall, you can check some promo items or bargain to those pasalubong you want to bring/buy.  For the jewelry accessories / pear & others, to those tiangge at the shore, you should know how to ask for some discounts.


  1. The Grotto
  2. The sand & the water itself
  3. The barhopping at night that you can drink & dance and mingle with others
  4. The Cliff Diving
  5. The Island Hopping & other water sports activities.


a simple person, who loves to eat, travel and compose some poems or write-ups.

5 thoughts on “Travelling alone.. in an Island

  1. I wonder how it feels to go to Boracay alone. It must be so exciting. You’d have your own itinerary, not dependent on anyone’s choice… you can have everything your way.

    I love your list! It made me miss home so much, made me miss Bora 😦
    I wonder how it is these days? Have you gone there recently like after the makeover?


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