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10 Lessons to be learned in watching “Jesusa”

  1. Even if you want someone to stay in your life but he / she really wants to go, let it be.
  2. Do not depend your happiness in one person or a thing, it will create anxiety.
  3. Poverty is not a reason to stop your dreams instead continue your journey to make a better living.
  4. Life is a continue process, whatever mistakes you have you can still make it right as long as you are willing to do it.
  5. Drugs and other bad doings such us robbery or thief is not a reason to fall in if you have a struggle in life. It will create another problem.
  6. If you already addicted to drugs, there is still hope for you to be back to your normal life. Go and submit yourself to a Rehabilitation Centre and do not resist to change your old ways.
  7. In love and life, you have a choice. Be sure to choose the right one. And get ready for the consequences of your choices.
  8. True love is not depend on happiness only, there should be a respect and sacrifices.
  9. Family and good friends will have a big role in your life, do not hesitate to ask their help if you’re undergoing a depression.
  10. Please help those people with a depression, try to talk and have time, encourage and push them to walk again in their life.


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