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Ho Chin Minh – Little France of Asia

I never imagine that this country have full of stories to tell. It’s not only those words that you can read on our Asian Civilisation or World History books, its a lot more hidden on their people.

As they are under French Colonisation for a thousand of years, thats why when you travel Vietnam, you will see most of their old architectural structures is like you are walking in the streets of Europe. Their Post Office which is a train station before is a typical train station design way ago. It is located beside the Notre Dame Cathedral in Saigon. They also have a lot of Buddhist Temple and Pagodas.

The Vietnam war, which most of us don’t know why and what happened that time, by means of their war museum, they can express it to the world, a very depressing and tragic history. I didn’t expect that I will feel the pain for those people when seeing their photographs. After I finish to see the War Museum Tour, I have a heavy feeling and quite disturb about the reality of a war and hoping that it will not happen again.

The Mekong River that connects these countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar is really the 7th Longest River in Asia and this is still a means of business transportation till these days. When traversing this by their traditional sailboat and wearing their signature leaf hat or “non la”, you can feel the nature and their lifestyle. You can experience a very laid back and relaxing way of life, the breath of the air, the rays of the suns and the songs of the water.

One that I am curious to see, is the World of Heineken located in Bitex Co building, where you can see how they are brewing the best beer in the World and also you will have a 2 bottles of beer while chilling up at the bar area or their games area. You can try also to the Saigon Skydeck to view the 360 degrees of this city.

I stay at Prague Hotel, their room, food and services was great. (

BEST BUY / SOUVENIR- Vietnam’s coffee is one of the best coffee in asia. And one of my best souvenir i got is a coconut wood chopsticks. You can get also the lacquerwares, a handcrafted ware that you can use as a decoration to your house.

BEST LOCAL FOOD TO EAT – beef noodle soup and their prawn spring roll. Their food is spicy and tasty.

BEST WAY OF TRANSPORTATION – motorcycle or car or tourist van. I tried also the grab apps is also reliable as not all locals there can speak in English.

BEST WAY TO SHOP – at Ben Than Market day time you can have the best deal for coffee beans and night time best deals for clothings, bags and souvenirs. It is located at the middle of tourist spot in the city but if you want to haggle or bargain you can try to go to their Chinatown area

BEST LOCAL TOUR – I tried their Saigon City Tour, Mekong River Tour and War Museum


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