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10 Lessons to be learned in watching “Hindi Tayo Pwede”

  1. Love comes in an unexpected ways. You’ll never know that you will meet the one with your criticism.
  2. Friendship vs Relationship, time will come that you need to weigh your priorities between them specially if your BFF (best friend forever) is your opposite sex.
  3. It’s common to have a misunderstanding or jealousy in any relationship, talk and communicate rather than to escape and run. Fixed it up so that we will not have any guilt if we lose someone.
  4. Know how to say sorry even in a simple way.
  5. Depression really kicks in if someone you really love is gone. Be sad for a while, this is the first step needed to cope again.
  6. Once gone, let go. Accept the reality and treasure all the good memories that you experience with him/her.
  7. Stop the illusion that he / she will be there for you forever. Learn to walk alone and be independent.
  8. Life goes on and so your dream. If you build and plan a dream with him or her continue it, as long as you will be a better person while pursuing it.
  9. Do not ignore the people that surrounds you, you’ll never know that they are the one who really loves you. Give them a chance to prove it.
  10. Mother’s knows best. Consult all your worries with her.

(you can watch this at Netflix)


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